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The top 5 reasons why your property is not selling – Reason 5 Unrealistic price expectations by the owner of the property

Reason 5 of 5 why your property isn’t selling – Unrealistic price expectations by the owners of the property As an agent who appraises many properties, I pride myself on giving accurate appraisals.  I carefully explain the data presented to show the seller how I arrive at my “estimate of the selling price” for their property.  This…

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea – Show Your Support

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea Chilli Realty has been involved with one of the many “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea” events that are taking place in Australia, around this time of year. This event was organised by Robert Bonifacio from Essential Financial Services ( and the speaker was Greg Morvell, who is a cancer survivor of 5…

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