Reason 2 of 5 why your property isn’t selling – Poor location of the property

Have you heard of the expression, “Location, Location, Location”?

Well, if your property is next to a train line or worse still, within earshot of the rail crossing intersection with the dinging bells, or if your property is next to a busy road or perhaps located right under major power lines, then I would consider your property to be in a “poor location”.

It could be renovated and really well presented but it is not selling due to its location.

What to do?  Firstly you will need to determine what the issue is.

  • Is it noise?
  • Is it the electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?
  • Is it something else?

If it is noise, then you could consider double glazing or putting up a barrier of some sort, to deflect the noise.

Trees could be planted early on to provide a screen and barrier, or you could build a type of fence or other screen to deflect the noise in some way.  This might help.

If it is EMR, you should invest in having a professional to take readings of the radiation as a starting point.

If they are at unacceptable levels then there are a number of ways this radiation can be reduced.  One that I know of is a carbon based paint that can be applied to internal walls which is earthed to a power point on that wall, via a small plate which sits on the carbon painted wall.  The EMR enters the house from the offending power line side, the radiation gets picked up by the wall and earthed out via the power point to prevent it radiating into the house.

The wall can be painted over after application of the special carbon paint so that it looks like a normally painted wall. EMR readings can be taken before and after to show prospective buyers the difference and efforts you have taken.

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