This spring we are looking at hints and tips to sell your property quickly and at the right price point. Tip 1 of 5 this month is as follows:

Maintenance Review – Tip 1, Seller’s Market, Before Selling

At Chilli, we strongly believe that a maintenance review is an essential step to ensuring you achieve the best possible selling price – after all, you don’t want potential buyers to knit pick, make excuses or devalue your property before they have stepped through the front door.

Remember to look at your property as though you are the buyer. Have a thorough look at your property and start making a ‘to fix and to do list’. Arrange appropriate trades people to review your property and have a building inspection done – if this is a new experience, or you need trusted trades people, ask Chilli and we will be happy to help. Don’t forget! Some quick fixes to add value and save you time and money include: fixing light fittings and fixtures and painting touch ups.